Armegeddon Time Ark Base Operation


In accordance with The Great CREATOR
YAHWEH's Will and immutable Timetable for human events, your Time Ark Service Modules have returned with HIS Holy MEASURES To provide for your understanding of, preparation for, and survival Through The imminent actions of The present End Time of Armageddon.

Time Station Earth is not a planet unto itself, but rather has Time Ark Service Modules for proper functioning and maintenance. Under Command of The Positive Section of HIS Outer Dimensional Forces, your Service Modules are in position and ready To adjust earth’s polar axis by six degrees.

This adjustment or “polar shift”—identified as The 6th Seal or Seal #6—is an essential action, required periodically for Positive Timing and Alignment so cosmic energy can flow properly into earth’s ley lines (energy-gathering paths). This action ensures That Time Station Earth continues as a proper human habitation, To fulfill
HIS purpose! It is like The CREATOR’S “chiropractic adjustment” for The “health” of The Time Station, for The benefit of its inhabitants.

Also, The Great CREATOR
YAHWEH does not intend to allow humatons to annihilate each other nor turn Time Station Earth into an uninhabitable planet! This current negative way of life is overdue for complete and unconditional recycling! A “Great Cleansing” is necessary To prepare for The next Cosmic Season and Positive Birthright life cycle of humankind. This cleansing will begin when The Great YAHWEH's 6th Seal is activated at 6:00 pm preceding S. Day. (Partially described in Revelation 6:12-17 of your fractionated history book, The Bible.)


The polar adjustment on S. Day will cause Time Station Earth To undergo a period of great upheaval. The brunt of This upheaval will be centered on The Manasseh Complex (North American Continent). Severe convulsions of The land mass will render major portions of This continent unsafe for habitation for a period of Time, and will cause it To end up with a new shape. Mountains will go down; new mountains will come up; rivers will change course; and The coastlines will change shape!

These massive earth-changes, and
subsequent actions under Seal #6, will require off-continent evacuation for Those who wish To stay alive. You cannot flee To The mountains and "live off The land" until The Threat is gone. You cannot just "believe in Jesus and be saved". The Cleansing of This continent will be 100% complete—by Divine Decree! There is no escape if you remain. Unless you are off The continent by 6:00 pm preceding “S. Day”, it is MEASURED that you will have lost all chance for Positive physical survival Through This phase of Point #1 of Armageddon. If you are To survive in a Positive manner, you must be off This continent. There is no other way!

This is your Final Warning and Notice.

There are only Two options for possible survival left at This extreme late date.

~ A Public Service Notice from your Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation ~
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