The Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation

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Your CREATOR YAHWEH has not abandoned HIS Creation!
You are not alone in The Universe.

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Time Station Earth (TSE) is not a planet unto itself, but rather has TIME ARK Service Modules for necessary care and maintenance To ensure its proper functioning Through Time.
The Great CREATOR has always provided an Ark To assist HIS people, for Their Positive survival Through The ages. There was Noah’s Ark; There was Moses’ Ark or The Ark of The Covenant; and, Through all Time, There has been and always will be The DIVINE COMMAND ARK—HIS ARK OF MULTITUDE!

This Time Ark is a part of your history you know very little of, if any at all. You have heard of it and read about it, but you just haven’t recognized it for what it really is.
All The Arks in history carried something vital To man’s survival. Noah’s Ark carried Noah and his family, plus The animals, so The Positive lineage could survive The flood. Moses’ Ark of The Covenant carried objects That helped our forefathers survive: The Ten Commandments, a bowl of manna, and Aaron’s Rod. (What else These Two Arks carried, The Bible does not say because it is an incomplete record made by man.) The DIVINE COMMAND ARK carries The MEASURES—mankind’s ultimate source of guidance and assistance from our Great CREATOR YAHWEH. This cargo is absolutely essential To our survival of The "End Time", called Armageddon!

The complete set of The Holy MEASURES of YAHWEH are carried in The Command Time Ark. This Command Time Ark is The same "Glory Cloud" which also carries The pattern (spirit) of our One and Only True Positive Saviour, YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA. The entire Fleet of Time Ark Service Modules and Their crews—under Commander Hamashiia—make up The Outer Dimensional Forces (ODF) of our Great CREATOR YAHWEH! Commander Hamashiia administers The Positive Birthright Through The Positive Section of The ODF! From This Positive Section comes all The Perfect Knowledge for all The Positive Benefits and Gifts man enjoys and uses under Universal Law on Time Station Earth.

In accordance with The Great CREATOR YAHWEH's Will and immutable Timetable for human events, your Time Ark Service Modules have returned with HIS Holy MEASURES To provide for your understanding of, preparation for and Positive survival Through The imminent actions of The present End Time of Armageddon.

Polar Adjustment Imminent!

Under Command of The Positive Section of HIS Outer Dimensional Forces, your Service Modules are in position and ready To adjust earth’s polar axis by six degrees. The ODF of your CREATOR has set Seal #6 of Armageddon in MEASURED functional position for imminent activation! This polar shift/adjustment is an essential action, required periodically for Positive Timing, Cosmic Alignment and proper planetary balance.
The Poles of Time Station Earth must be serviced Three Times during each 7,000 year dispensation—at The end of each of Three Cosmic Seasons. This action ensures That Time Station Earth continues as a proper human habitation, To fulfill HIS purpose! This is like The CREATOR’S “chiropractic adjustment” for The “health” of The Time Station—for The benefit and security of it and its inhabitants.

At The present Time, The Sixth Fleet of The ODF is holding TSE’s poles in as stable a position as possible. If They were not, TSE would be experiencing such severe wobbles in its rotation That life would be impossible. As it is, you are seeing increased activity in major earthquakes, long-dormant volcanos and extreme weather events across The globe. The longer The activation of Seal #6 is held off, The more instability of relativity TSE will experience.
The “climate change” so many cry about is just The obvious symptoms of The poles being out of Positive alignment. Humatons can do nothing about The “climate change” They see. Yes, mankind’s actions on earth and The negative effects of decades of dump-energy abuse do have an effect on the environment, but humatons cannot Take any action To really alter The “climate crisis”, as it is beyond mankind’s ability To Shift The poles. This can only be done by your 5-Dimensional Time Ark Service Modules!

In addition, The Great CREATOR YAHWEH does not intend to allow humatons to annihilate each other nor turn Time Station Earth into an uninhabitable planet! The negative Empire is MEASURED for Total "de-cycling"! A Positive functional government under Universal Law is ready To replace The present negative one and is ready To implement a Heaven on Earth. The Positive Functional Government, will be Commanded by The ONE who is Superior To any human leader, president, or king--COMMANDER YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA! He is The One you’ve been misled into calling “Jesus Christ”. Commander Hamashiia is The Christ, but He rejects “Jesus Christ” because it is a degraded identification given To Him by degenerated man. He has returned—just as He promised, some 2,000 years ago.
But before The Positive Government is fully established—a cleanup is necessary!! This current negative way of life is overdue for complete and unconditional recycling! A “Great Cleansing” is necessary To prepare for The next Cosmic Season and Positive Birthright life cycle of humankind. This cleansing will begin when The Great YAHWEH's 6th Seal is activated at 6:00 pm preceding S. Day. (Partially described in Revelation 6:12-17 of your fractionated history book, The Bible.)


The polar adjustment—on "S. Day"—will cause Time Station Earth To undergo a period of great upheaval. The brunt of This upheaval will be centered on "The Manasseh Complex"—The North American Continent. Severe convulsions of The land mass will render major portions of This continent unsafe for habitation for a period of Time, and will cause it To end up with a new shape. Mountains will go down, new mountains will come up, rivers will change course and The coastlines will Take on new shapes!

These massive earth-changes, and subsequent actions under Seal #6, will require off-continent evacuation for Those who wish To stay alive.
You cannot just flee To The mountains and "live off The land" until The Threat is gone. You cannot just "believe in Jesus" and be saved.
The Cleansing of This continent will be 100% complete—by Divine Decree! There will be no escape if you remain. Unless you are off The continent by 6:00 pm preceding “S. Day”, it is MEASURED that you will have lost all chance for Positive physical survival Through This phase of Point #1 of Armageddon. If you are To survive in a Positive manner, you must be off This continent. There is no other way!

If you are reading This, Then Thank your Savior and Commander, Yahshua Hamashiia, for allowing you further Time To make your choice for Positive survival.

There are only Two options for possible survival left at This extreme late date.

( All "T"s are capitalized in words on This site To emphasize The word "Time". )

13th Division - Cosmic Corps pf Engineers
Armegeddon Time Ark Base Operation