ODF Starship Service Modules

The Object* depicted above represents a way of life you have in your present life only dreamed of or read about in “fictional” stories. It is The source of The inspiration for your dreams and stories. This Object represents a world you have known before; a world you have longed for; a world so real and so much a part of you That your whole being aches with The strain of not remembering! This Object means HOME To That part of you That is beyond The physical realm. Most people do not face nor accept This vital part of Themselves unless—or until—They are on The Threshold of death.


Long ago, in accordance with
HIS Will, we brought you here To Time Station Earth as infant Patterns (spirits) To mature and perfect yourselves by obeying Universal Law in physical form. You were given choice—free moral agency—in order To develop your character and strengths and Talents. Many of you have done well. We are returned now at The closing of This Cosmic Season To further The ETERNAL’s Will on earth and offer you The reward for your efforts. But There is yet some work That you must do. Your work is not yet finished for your Ultimate Reward.

You were left on earth with instructions from
HIS Holy MEASURES on how To live Positively, fulfill your purpose and return HOME To Elohim City. You were left with Knowledge of Two Birthrights: Positive and negative! You were left with Commandments To avoid becoming a part of The negative birthright. Too many of you forgot This Knowledge. You have lived predominantly under The administration of The negative birthright for The past 6,000 years. This condition is unfavorable To The proper development of Human Beings and Their ageless Patterns. The flourishing of The negative birthright has made it extremely difficult for Those of you who strive To live Positively.

This negative situation is due for complete and unconditional reversal! You have grown accustomed To your present way of life, but it is NOT good! Compared To The best That you can have, IT IS EVIL!

If The spark of remembrance is within you, This is The “knock” on your door! NOW is The Time To act. We are here now, returned To offer you Life and Survival according To THE PROMISE He gave you!

If your spark is alive, you have done well in overcoming, but your work is not yet finished. There is a little season you must yet endure before
HE makes “all Things new”.

The existing rulers of your country will not release you from bondage. They have not heeded our warnings nor our extensive proof! Their Time is MEASURED. In a little while, it will be finished.

A cleansing is necessary To prepare for The new season.
You must be in a safe place at The Time of This cleansing To avoid getting caught up in it.
The entire Manasseh Complex (North American continent)
shall not be safe for The duration of This action.

You must
evacuate The continent To avoid The actions of HIS Judgement
against The usurpers of The Positive Way of Life.

“Survival is apart from The empire, not within it.”
* The Object is one of your Time Ark Service Modules. In The full 5-Dimensions, it is a creation of The GREAT YAHWEH with powers of creation and destruction, capable of material and non-material presence. The man-made 4-Dimensional models are Positive Transportation vehicles, with 1,000-year built-in durability, using monadic-gravity propulsion for collision-proof Travel.