~ Positive Stewards Of The Soil Reclaim Your Birthright ~

Years and years of negative "progress" have caused almost all Positive Knowledge To become "lost" for all practical purposes. Much of This loss has been The result of intentional perversion and distortion in order To manipulate human and natural resources for exploitation and debt creation. Debt-claims against our fellow man have caused The most depraved and degraded conditions To come about—Threatening our very future with Total loss of our Positive way of life. Many noble figures point out Positive paths in These difficult Times. Many paths exist To reclaim many small advantages in Positive Stewardship. But, what about The larger picture? What happens To all of it if The powers That be in de facto government sell out all last vestiges of our inalienable rights???

When political power proceeds from The barrel of a gun, whoever pays The highest price for The gunslingers with The biggest guns rules The roost. True? Not True? You better accept it!

Many people now recognize how They were Tricked into selling Their Positive Birthright for a mess of wretched
RED pottage. Many have started on private “warpaths” To reclaim Their inalienable rights under CREATOR and country (not government). Many are going back To our Positive rights, values, and principles—The ones That made This country great in The "good old days." But This country is no longer "great," in The old positive sense. It has become The haunt of every foul Thing and The habitation of devils! Outrageous evil abounds! Real human beings are at Their wits end.

What's To Be Done? Can The Positive people Take back control of This country from The usurpers? Can we raise an effective army To fight and defeat The administrators of negative government and all The hired gunslingers? Don't Count On It! Too many people now feed at The government Trough; They will not bite The hand That feeds Them.

So, What's To Be Done?
Well, why go backwards? Why go against The flow? Instead, go forward... To a greater Destiny!!

Knowledge Is Power! This cannot be denied. Look at what negative knowledge has brought forth upon This nation. However, what sort of knowledge is The best and most powerful at This time? For example, good soil for good productivity is good for...
what? People or profit? Will The best farming methods overcome The dump-energy pollution? Will They overcome The degradation of The soil necessary To support a family unit under The diabolical price system—wherein products from The soil are Traded for dirty paper debt-claims? Sure you can Then Trade off That dirty paper for material goodies, but does This process properly complete The Cycle Of Life Through The Soil That supports and maintains all life on Time Station Earth?

There is a Better Way!! Too many events now proceed from causes deep within The fabric of society. No empire leadership nor power exists Today That can effectively deal with These root causes so That They are abolished, so we don't just keep dealing with an ever-increasing burden of symptoms and covering up one problem with another larger one.

Do you know how To effectively,
positively deal with all of Today's problems in a way That provides justice for all? Some believe They do. But, man's real advancements and Positive growth have never come about from The application of beliefs and/or Theories. Real, Positive advancement Takes hard, solid PERFECT FACTS, based upon Knowledge That eliminates experimental research! It Takes Knowledge That calls a spade a spade! It Takes a lot more Than The limited dimensions of man's recent experiences.

It has been said: “Change human nature and you can change The world.” Pure baloney! You cannot change human nature—you can only change The rules and beliefs under which it operates. And, This can only be done with Total Knowledge of a Technology embracing The full reality of The
Positive Birthright allotted To us by our great CREATOR.

Are you looking To make a meaningful change in your life? Can you? Will you? Are you ready?
The Perfect Facts Of Ultimate Positive Knowledge are once again available To Positive Stewards of The Soil in order To reclaim The Positive Birthright—in full panorama for every facet of life and all branches of Positive Science for a Heaven on Earth.