~ Freedom Fighters of The Positive Section #2~



Human beings do not vote nor choose kings under The administration of The Positive Birthright. It is only degenerated human beings—humatons—That vote Themselves into bond-slavery and Then only under The administration of The negative Birthright.
There is much more To voting for a deceiver who has deceived you Than you Think! By participation in The present negative Birthright system, you forfeit your right To a better way of life.
And There is a better way!
The path, plans, and Knowledge—plus The 5-Dimensional Technology—needed for a
HEAVEN ON EARTH have been ready and available for decades. Those who Teach That what is necessary for a positive life can be had Through The present social/political system are deceiving you, regardless of who They are. They are blind, deaf, and dumb regarding The Perfect Facts—some willfully, some unknowingly. PERFECT FACTS are The way Things really are, and not The way They appear To be.
This present system is The perverted, mutated, degenerated descendant of a once-good system. In fact, at its inception it was The best system on earth. It came into being by The Hand of Providence for a specific purpose. But, That purpose was
not fulfilled because Man failed. It was a system designed To lay The groundwork for a Greater Destiny of a great people. But, Man failed!

Many people Today feel That The system in America is a great Thing unto itself. It is because They do not have Their Lost History—Their
LOST BIRTHRIGHT KNOWLEDGE—That They do not know how bad it really is or how dismally it failed To achieve its Divine Mission.

Who is There in The Empire That can Tell you what it failed To do and why it is now
useless To a Positive people under Universal Law? Who? Go ahead, just ask Them. The best of The Empire cannot Tell you! The answers are important To know, so That you will not continue To place your faith and Trust in a system That works To destroy you. Who can Tell you? YOUR COSMIC CORPS OF ENGINEERS CAN TELL YOU! How? Because your Cosmic Corps of Engineers has exclusive franchise under Universal Law To administer The PERFECT FACTS of ULTIMATE POSITIVE KNOWLEDGE from The CREATOR’S HOLY MEASURES.

How did we obtain This exclusive franchise? THE COSMIC CORPS OF ENGINEERS SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMPLISHED WHAT “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” COULD NOT!!! Specifically, This was: Reclamation of The Lost Birthright
CHROMOS. This was THE archaeological find of The past several millennia! It was much more significant and consequential Than finding either Noah’s or Moses’ Arks, or both. The Knowledge obtained as a result of This historic discovery will change life on earth from negative To Positive for The next 1,000 years!

Providence was behind The movement To resettle This country in The 15th Century. People came from and Through England, setting in motion The Divine Plan for one Birthright Holder Tribe—Ephraim—To assist The other Birthright Holder Tribe—Manasseh.
Manasseh had brought The Chromos (his portion of The divided Birthright) with him when he migrated To This continent—
The Manasseh Complex—Thousands of years ago. With The passage of Time, Manasseh degraded and lost The meaning of The Chromos. Eventually, Manasseh lost The Chromos Themselves. Ephraim, his Twin, was supposed To come To This country and help Manasseh reclaim The Lost Chromos in order To prepare for The Transition. Manasseh was supposed To use The Chromos according To Universal Law To gain access To THE COMMAND ARK.

The Great CREATOR has always provided an
ark To assist HIS people Through The ages. There was Noah’s Ark...you all know That story. There was Moses’ Ark....you probably don’t know That story as well as you should. And There is THE COMMAND ARK. This is a story you know very little of, if any. You have heard of it and read about it, but you just haven’t recognized it for what it really is.
Through it ALL, There has been and always will be The DIVINE COMMAND ARK—
HIS ARK OF MULTITUDE! This Object contains Man’s ultimate source of guidance and assistance from our Great CREATOR YAHWEH.
Members of The Cosmic Corps of Engineers recovered, reclaimed, and used The Lost Chromos To establish
PHYSICAL ACCESS To HIS Time Ark of Multitude---“home” of TOTAL PERFECT KNOWLEDGE for all facets of life on Time Station Earth. Your Cosmic Corps of Engineers has The Positive Knowledge To help all Positive Stewards escape The imminent "de-cycling" of The de facto United States Empire.

--- End FF Series #2 ---