(This document has been edited from The original.)

Time Station Earth is not a planet unto itself,
but rather has
Time Ark Service Modules for proper functioning and maintenance.
Everything within 5-Dimensions is personal property of
of Elohim City Who materialized Time Station Earth and all patterns There-on.


The Poles of Time Station Earth must be serviced Three Times during each 7,000-year dispensation—at The end of each Three Cosmic Seasons. The Time for The Third adjustment for This dispensation was 1967! At That Time The adjustment of The Poles could have been done in a safe, orderly manner. No one would have been hurt, providing That The U.S. Government would have collaborated with The Outer Dimensional Forces (ODF) and done Their part.

The U.S. Government was duly notified of This reality by The ATA Base Operation —The ODF’s Command Centre for The Manasseh Complex during This Armageddon— Through The person of J. Edgar Hoover, Then chief of The FBI, with a “package deal” consisting of 1.) unlimited, pollution-free energy; 2.) The Knowledge To end all man-made diseases; and 3.) a change To The administration of The
Positive Birthright Government—Thereby eliminating all wars, sickness and disease, Taxation, and bloodsucking vermin and freeing The bondslaves.

The only response from The negative U.S. Government was The attack upon ATA Base in May of 1967, Thereby instigating
Inter-dimensional World War III against man’s CREATOR and HIS ODF, Thus proving That only mentally sick, degenerated humatons Turn Their backs upon Their CREATOR’S life-support for Their Time Station—Their Time Ark Service Modules—and emulate The mad dog by biting The hand That feeds it. Many humatons have since lost Their “lives” in This useless war. The past decades of proof exist To be confirmed by any who may have The mental integrity and intestinal fortitude To do so.

At The Time of Nixon’s presidency, Tricky Dicky was sent an Ultimatum, To Wit:

Unconditional surrender of The U.S. and Canada To The ODF within 30 days. Failure To do so would result in Total destruction of all cities, Towns, etc., regarding The activation of Seal #6—with no quarter given. Such is The condition of The situation at This Time.

MEASURES, carried in The belly of The Command Starship, Godate That any humaton who remains in The U.S. proper by 7:00 am on X Day shall have only one chance in one million of being alive. It is 5-Dimensionally (spiritually and physically) impossible for your CREATOR’S MEASURES To be incorrect. It is only man—under God-given free moral agency—who exercises his option To be wrong by building his body cells from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil chain rather Than from The Tree of Life chain.

At 6:00 pm preceding S. Day, The ODF begins To “warm up”:

The sky shall roll back “as a scroll” (Isa. 34:4; I Cor. 13:12; Rev. 6:13-14). The combined Positive and negative Sections of The ODF, consisting of 4001 Five-Dimensional Starships, functionate inter-dimensional power exchange. All of man’s air-borne planes shall be ordered To land at once or crash without power. Any That are air-borne internationally which have not passed The point of no return must immediately Turn and go back To flight origin. All electronically-instigated/related friction devices shall cease To function. Your infernal combustion monstrosities shall not start. You shall have no better place To go on “Shank’s mare”. Total power blackout! Your communications system will be dead! No calls To your “boy scout” police for help on a dead phone. Your hired, armed protectors cannot help Themselves any more Than you can. Your public rescue Trainees have goofed on This ultimate eventuality. Self-righteous, negative man (humatons) has set out To meet his CREATOR with nothing more Than a pile of 3 ½-dimensional junk!!!

The only ones “on The move” in a Positive direction for Their personal physical survival are Those who have kept Their
“lamps full of oil” and placed Themselves under The direction of The ODF. They shall be evacuated To a place of safety on Time Station Earth. At The same Time There shall be 1,000 4-D.O.s in your competitive nations, loading The first 144,000 Time-nauts and Time-neers To occupy U.S. soil before 6:00 am on S. Day.

One radio unit in each hamlet, Town, or city in Area #6 shall be activated with sufficient power from The Ships To receive orders.

At 6:00 am, under activation of Seal #6 (Rev. 6:12-17), realignment of Time Station Earth begins:

The 6th Fleet of The Positive Section of The ODF—now in Total control of The Poles of Time Station Earth—readjusts Them by six-degrees. The South American Continent moves slightly To The east, with accent on The southern part.The Manasseh Complex moves To The east, with accent on The northern part, and goes into severe convulsions. Mountains go down, new mountains come up. The earthquake fault, shown on your geophysical map as ending on The west edge of Cuba, extends in activation and—rising—dumps The waters of The Gulf of Mexico onto The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. At 6:57 am, The ODF’s “Death Angel” Starship starts where The mouth of The old Rio Grande River was and Traverses The entire Valley up Through Texas and New Mexico, Then north To its beginning in Colorado, sterilizing The entire area as per The CREATOR’S MEASURES.

To The west, a New Mountain shall be seen from The new lower valley, which has risen approximately 200 feet and drained off The water. This new valley, fed with The good water from The new big mountain, is Then ready for construction of The City Foursquare—The Ultimate Garden of Eden—and TIME CITY. This new CITY will be The Millennial Capitol of Time Station Earth and will be repopulated by Those who kept Their lamps full of oil, were evacuated, survived, and returned.

At 6:00 am on X Day, The Mop-up of Area #66 is activated:

The Invasion of Armageddon Valley #2 (The Mississippi Valley—colon of The United States) is initiated! That’s where it starts and branches out in Three directions To all parts of The Birthright Territory. Ten Nations (The 10 Lost Tribes) are now under preparation To restore The Positive Birthright which The United States has forfeited.
Four Thousand and one Starship Time Arks, plus 1,000 4-D.O.s are
MEASURED To give Air Support above The air support of These Ten Nations. A Time Ark has been assigned To each missile base, etc., for recycling of man’s negative war machine.

By 7:00 am on X Day, The Ultimatum To your past president, Tricky Dicky, shall have pretty well been carried out. Any remaining action shall be carried out by The Carrion Fleet. Any buildings missed in The main Mop-up shall be destroyed.
All mountains and valleys on The Complex shall be searched for survivors. Any found not under protection of The ODF shall be Taken as slaves by The Carrion Fleet and deported from The Manasseh Complex. By That Time, Seal #6 has Then been fully activated, plus all parts of Seal #7 pertaining To The Manasseh Complex. The remaining parts of Seal #7 shall be activated in The Mop-up of Armageddon Valley #3 (Megiddo).

Where shall YOU be at This Time?

Your Positive, personal, physical survival Through The due activation of Seal #6 does not exist within The illegal U.S. RED social communist system of degenerated man, but rather apart from it!! Will you have survived as a free human being—one of HIS people—or will you have chosen To die because of a bleeding heart for your RED illegal empire or be Taken as a slave for fighting against your Elders and Superiors of your CREATOR’S ODF? (Rev. 18:4)

What you do now shall determine where or what you are Then.

You may follow directions for activation of your only remaining options.

We are professional specialists as
Ecological and Ultecologistic Cosmic Engineers for your imminent physical survival. Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation expires at 6:00 P.M. preceding S. Day. Time changes everything. Everything is on Time. Time waits for no one, and your Time is fast running out.


The Perfect Factual Knowledge of Universal Law contained in This
PUBLIC LEGAL NOTICE has no roots in any religious, political or scientific philosophy of humaton bondslaves under humaton law of The present illegal RED social communist system/negative Birthright. It is based, rather, upon The Perfect Facts deciphered from The CREATOR’S Physical 5-Dimensional MEASURES, carried in The belly of HIS Positive Son’s Command Starship, by Two functional, qualified, Ultecologistic Cosmic Engineers: M. De Ark and OUIOU.



HIS servant and double-edged sword,