~ SON WORSHIP ENERGY vs sun worship energy ~

The quality and level of a civilization is determined by The amount and Type of energy it uses. The corollary To This Perfect Fact is That The amount and Type of energy available To and used by any given civilization is determined by whether its people are
S-O-N WORSHIPERS or S-U-N worshipers!
It is clearly evident beyond argument That The civilizations on earth Today were built and are maintained by people who were and are advanced sun worshipers. How can This be proven? Simply study Their energy source and The results of its use!

The source of energy for modern civilization is The sun…be it direct or indirect. Through The process of photosynthesis, materials such as coal, oil, gas, wood, etc., have been produced and have accumulated on
Time Station Earth. Advanced sun worshipers prefer To emulate Their god by combusting These materials That Their god has made. Even The electricity used by sun worshipers is gathered predominantly by using fossilized photosynthetic products as prime movers of electrical generators. (Generators do not actually generate electricity; They simply gather it.)
Internal combustion engines make up The bulk of power sources. Combusting These photosynthetic derivatives produces pollution of The air, soil, and water! The pollution of These Three
GIFTS OF LIFE, in Turn, pollutes The people who become sick and diseased. The end result, Then, of sun worship energy is sickness, disease, and painful, unnatural death—especially when one considers all The wars fought over photosynthetic fuel deposits…such as oil!

As a result of violating
Supreme Universal Law, man degrades and becomes imprisoned in a 3½-Dimensional cubaspheric (squared circle) prison. This is a concentric position relative To The full 5-Dimensions within which man can exist.
In This
cubaspheric prison, man’s intellect shrinks into The microcosm To an absurd and dangerous degree. In This extreme position of alienation from The MACROCOSM—and The full 5-Dimensions of his True nature—man moves into such sun worship energy madness as attempting To Tap and harness The power of atoms. Nuclear energy is The Number One producer of deadly pollution!
This practice of delving into The powers That bind atoms stems from The positive in man gone negative: The positive in man That initiates his attention To The cosmic powers That bind and activate atoms is his inherent knowledge That cosmic energies are available To him. The
negative is That man goes after cosmic energy in The microcosm!
Man cannot get To cosmic energy while in a
sun-worshiping concentric position. He cannot get cosmic energy until he becomes an eccentric within The cubasphere, moves outward and embraces The full 5-Dimensions—with The relative expansion of The Second Law of Thermodynamics!
Using all of his allotted 5-Dimensions puts man in Tune and in Harmony with The Cosmos, allowing him To bypass The 3½-Dimensional photosynthetic process. How can man do This? He must first give up all other gods and become a

is available To man when he shifts The fulcrum of his intellect To embrace The full 5-Dimensions allotted To him by The Great CREATOR YAHWEH. This action leads man into his POSITIVE BIRTHRIGHT. The Positive Birthright is acceptance of and adherence To Supreme Universal Law, and The utilization of higher, positive “TECH-KNOWLEDGE-Y”—available only Through physical contact with man's Time Ark Service Modules. The complete set of The Holy MEASURES of YAHWEH are carried in The Command Time Ark. This Command Time Ark is The same Glory Cloud which also carries The pattern (spirit) of our One and Only True Positive Saviour, YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA.
The entire Fleet of Time Ark Service Modules and Their crews, all under The Command of
YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA, make up The OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES (ODF) of our Great CREATOR YAHWEH! COMMANDER HAMASHIIA administers The Positive Birthright Through The Positive Section of The ODF! From This Positive Section comes all Knowledge for all The positive goods and Gifts man enjoys and uses on Time Station Earth.

The greatest practical good man receives from The Positive Section of The O.D.F.—as a result of SON Worshiping—is a power unit That gathers unlimited energy without friction or pollution! It is called The TRANSVERCEIVER POWER UNIT.
This power unit has no moving parts and never wears out! This 5-Dimensional power unit gathers energy directly from The cosmic stockpile. (This stockpile is The same source for The electricity presently being gathered by The sun worshipers with Their friction/pollution devices, using sun worship energy as a prime mover.)
The energy is Then distributed or Transmitted
without high-line wires or other material connectors To individual Transverter boxes at each job or home site.
A single large TRANSVERCEIVER POWER UNIT can supply clean, un-limited electricity for ALL domestic, industrial, and agricultural needs within a 350-mile radius! Again, this unit functions without moving parts or pollution. The Transverceiver Power Unit requires neither fuel, lubrication nor service.
A compact Transverceiver Power Unit is used in each 4-D.O. and family model Mini-Star Service Module. (The Knowledge for These functional-gravity vehicles also comes from The Positive Section of The O.D.F. …Through The SON!) The small power units shall replace all internal combustion engines: no more pollution from millions of work and Transportation engines!!!


SON WORSHIP energy purifies and produces no pollution!
**Sun worship energy pollutes and piles up Toxic wastes.

SON WORSHIP energy is available without sweat, via a friction-free power unit That needs no prime mover!
**Sun worship energy comes only with much blood, sweat, Tears and friction.

SON WORSHIP energy is Positive in use and results obtained, because it is in Harmony with HIS Universal Law and The Positive Birthright!
**Sun worship energy is negative in use and results obtained.

IF YOU HAD NOT worshiped The wrong god, and fought and voted against
This Unlimited, Pollution-free Energy from The SON,
you could have had it and be enjoying its Positive use and benefits now!

You really should Think about That!!!

--- End ---