The ETERNAL (our CREATOR YAHWEH) does not perverfractioneer*; The ETERNAL Measures! The Great CREATOR did not put HIS peculiar creation on This planet earth without a guide for Their behavior and repair. Included in This "Time Station Package" were The ETERNAL's MEASURES for The proper operation and repair of HIS product….human beings.

HIS creation had Turned Their backs upon The Positive road of HIS MEASURES, They began to lose contact with Their CREATOR. Eventually, They lost access To The MEASURES and passed The information They had from father To son. As time went on, man lived more and more The way which he Thought was right and eventually was operating by human nature alone.

HE sent Noah with access To the MEASURES so as To perpetuate The Seed of HIS peculiar creation. The descendants followed Their own way and continued To deteriorate.

ETERNAL sent Moses with access To The MEASURES To guide The descendants To Their Positive Birthright.

ETERNAL sent The Christ To show man how to redeem himself by obeying The Ten Commandments so The proper descendants of The Birthright could reclaim The MEASURES before it became Too late.

ETERNAL allowed man to perverfractioneer The MEASURES so man could find his way back, or rather up, To The MEASURES before his Three Seasons of free moral choice ended. Man's Three Seasons of free moral choice ended at The beginning of Point#1 of Armageddon.

So Then The
ETERNAL sent M. De Ark To earth Through The vehicle of Reuben for the purpose of Training a Caretaker Government. This has been completed and The MEASURES have been placed with The Caretaker Government for The period of The 3-point Armageddon of The Manasseh Complex. The MEASURED identity of The Manasseh Complex is This continent! If you would like To mark The Time on man's calendar, The Complex entered Point #1 of its fatal Armageddon at The beginning of The 3rd day of September, 1966!

This writer (OU10U.) has been Trained as decipherer of The MEASURES of The
ETERNAL's Time Ark Object of Multitude. The Knowledge in The MEASURES is complete, as far as The dimensions of man are concerned. They contain everything which man has succeeded in perverfractioneering and That which he was not permitted To perverfractioneer. They contain The past, present, and future of man's Time on Earth. The future is no more difficult To decipher Than is The present or past.

ETERNAL's Time Ark Object of Multitude is The same Object present when The ETERNAL created so-called Adam and Eve. The Positive and negative Chromos are both carried in The Object, which will be shown later on. Noah and Moses had as much access To The MEASURES and Time Ark as They had prepared Themselves for. It is The same "cloud of Jehovah" That preceded Moses' Ark in The desert. Being of 5-Dimensional power, That is The stage it presents at The Time people are allowed To look at it.

The Christ, being from The ELOHIM, knew all about The MEASURES and The Object. But, being sent To earth Through The vehicle of Judah, he was not physically allowed to have access while in The vehicle of Judah. Judah is limited To The Sceptre!

When Judah succeeds in getting hold of any fractionated simulation of The MEASURES, he defames it and has no positive contact, and is punished for The action. Examples: 1) The remainder of The fractionated simulation placed in The Temple under Solomon, and 2) The fractionated simulation under The coronation chair. Judah turns his back upon it and places his butt upon it while being handed The Sceptre and crowned. That is defiling it!

Manasseh is limited To The MEASURES. This should begin To clear up The enigma of old man Israel blessing Ephraim and Manasseh. DUALITY had To replace Joseph at This Time for The Davidic Covenant To be carried out. ONE could not carry out The destiny of The Sceptre AND The Birthright. The enigma of Israel crossing his hands is now also clear: The
ETERNAL made Israel cross his hands and place his right hand on Ephraim so as To make Ephraim assume The Apex position, which is designated on The Tribe Positional Time Chart of The MEASURES. The Sceptre could Then be planted in Ephraim which otherwise would have been impossible. The ETERNAL is never wrong! The ETERNAL MEASURED The position of Ephraim at The creation of his ancestors. Israel could do no different Than To cross his hands!

ETERNAL has MEASURED That Ephraim cannot become one of The ultimate 10 kings. These same 10 kings, who are MEASURED as The inner 10 nations, will attack The Complex and invade and occupy same. The focal point of invasion and occupation is MEASURED To be Manasseh Free Territory. The occupation of This Territory is for HIS Divine Purpose.

Matthew 24 is in process in That Revelation 2:17 has already come To pass. The "Hidden Manna" has been offered. The "White Stone" has been given. It is in duality! It is M. De Ark and The MEASURES. Matthew 24:30 has come To pass insofar as Area #6 is concerned. (Area #6 is Manasseh Free Territory/Manasseh Complex.) The sign was The Triangle which is The one dimensional pyramid, which is The symbol of The Positive Brotherhood, MEASURED in The sky and on land by The hurricanes Beulah and Fern which were created, controlled and destroyed by The
ETERNAL's TIME Object and occupied and operated by The Two Rocks of The Elohim. Revelation 22:11 is now Law in The Territory. All false prophets still disobeying This Law already have The mark in Their protomorphogens, which is destroying Them.

Judah shall have his Temple, but Manasseh shall again have his Laboratory of Life To show man how To keep his body as a proper Temple To house a happy spirit. Judah's Temple would be in vain without Manasseh's Laboratory of Life.

Redemption of fallen man was Through The Ten Commandments To The last day before The first day of Armageddon.

Judah's redemption was and is Through Manasseh's Laboratory of Life. This is why
The Christ ordered The Gospel carried To The "corners of The earth”—in hopes of finding The proper descendants of The Birthright and get Them To obey The Ten Commandments and qualify To reclaim Their OBJECT OF MULTITUDE and rebuild The Laboratory of Life and The City Foursquare.

The reason
The Christ used This method instead of leading HIS people directly To The Ark, or Object, is really very plain: Manasseh is The Keeper of The first, or MEASURED History. Judah is The Keeper of The secondary, or written history. After man fell, This written history became as necessary To man as a crutch is To a man with only one leg: a way To redemption and a way To walk again!

The reason why present day man is not aware of his MEASURED or Positive History is because he is still walking with a crutch!

When The
ETERNAL created man, HE MEASURED Two ways of Free Moral choice: If man controlled his emotions and lived The right way of life, he would be happy, healthy and without wars. When The spirit of This body departed it would be of a quality That would be acceptable by The ETERNAL. If man chose To live The negative way of life, he would be mean, sick and destroy. Man can follow only one of Two ways. That is his limit. It is just That simple! He can do This only for The Time of Three Seasons, Then all will be swept clean out of Israel except for The Seed—The Elect or The 144,000.

As every dimension has a limit, That Time has now come.


*This word is from "perverfraction", which is used To describe The perverted, fractionated spoken/written word of degenerated mankind. Only because man has degraded To a "humaton" does he use words as The main form of communication. This is NOT The natural higher state of human beings.