The Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation

The Outer Dimensional Forces.

The Outer Dimensional Forces...

are The entities That exist in The "outer dimensions" of existence—in The realm of existence between mankind and his CREATOR. The ODF is composed of The perfected Patterns (spirits) of our human ancestors who have earned The level of Life above The physical dimension. They are The intermediaries between our Father CREATOR YAHWEH and mankind. One could say They are The "angels in heaven". They are our CREATOR’S Divine Forces That provide spiritual and physical direction for man and They carry out orders from our CREATOR YAHWEH and perform functions according To HIS plan in The care of Time Station Earth and guidance of mankind. At This Time, The ODF also has earth-based forces composed of human beings born of woman.

Cosmic Key Unlock 5th Dimension

The Outer Dimensional Forces (ODF)

…are forces under The direct Command of our True Positive Saviour, Yahshua Hamashiia, who is under The direct Command of our Father CREATOR, The Great YAHWEH. The ODF has returned now during This season of Armageddon, To make known among mankind The Positive Knowledge for The End-Time actions of The current Three phases of Armageddon and how To survive These actions in a Positive manner.

The Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation…

The Earth-Based part of The ODF is NOT a "UFO-believing doomsday cult". The ODF's actions are based on Knowledge from HIS MEASURES and Perfect Facts, not mere belief. The ODF established The A.T.A. Base Operation as an End-Time Base for The Command Ark, and as a nexus for actions in Point #1 of Armageddon. Its main purpose being The dissemination of Positive Birthright and End-Time Positive survival Knowledge for The people of The Manasseh Complex (North American Continent). We are at The end of an age and at The end of man’s free moral agency for The Millennium. This is a Time when Divine Intervention will affect human civilizations on a massive scale.

After Three years...

of work deciphering portions of The Holy MEASURES returned by The Command Ark, Positive Knowledge was available for mankind To use for Positive Survival Through The End Time of Armageddon on Time Station Earth, and for The specific life-changing actions To affect The Manasseh Complex first!

This Knowledge began To be released To The public in 1967...

and has continued To be disseminated since Then. Dissemination has been carried out in many various methods over The years, including: one-on-one communication, radio broadcasts, print media advertisements, bulk mailing campaigns, door-To-door distribution, convention and expo presentations, a subscription-based newsletter, a video, and currently continues in print media and This Website presence.

Hundreds of Thousands of people...

have been exposed To This Knowledge and The Perfect Facts. Hundreds of Thousands of pieces of literature have been distributed in This country and in foreign countries since 1967. Those who say information about The ODF-ATA Base Operation is sparse are just not looking or They are choosing To be willfully ignorant!

Much proof has been offered about The ODF, The ATA Base Operation, and The Positive Survival Knowledge over The years despite assertions To The contrary. Special offers of proof were made To local, state and federal government officials over The years. Specific proof was offered To certain qualified private individuals, and other proof has been offered To The general public. The reactions have ranged from dumbfounded "deer-in-The-headlights" brain-freeze, To bull-headed deliberately ignoring it; from active attempts To discredit it, to a CIA covert action To eliminate Base personnel.
The CIA did indeed carry out a "raid" on ATA Base, but only Those with sufficient access could verify it—if The records still exist. It is highly likely That most records of The proof offered To high-ranking people in This country have been destroyed or locked away permanently. Other proof, however, is a matter of public record.

To deny something is not To disprove it!

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13th Division - Cosmic Corps of Engineers
Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation